About ACRON Medical

The Acron System is the brainchild of Christian Schawrda & Andeas Bernegger, co-founders of the SpineMed Group in Vienna (Austria) and Acron Medical LLC, in Orlando (Florida).

The technology was developed to address the needs of patients with osteoporosis in need of a spinal fusion. After 3 years of clinical validation in Austria, Switzerland and Germany, the Acron System is now available in the United States.


Our Mission

To give surgeons the intuitive technologies to systematically improve lives one patient at a time.

Our Core Values

Think out-of-the-box to develop new technologies that improve performance.

All about teamwork, creativity and integrity.

Relentless focus on customer care.



Christian Schawrda

President, Acron Medical, LLC

In March 2017, Christian Schawrda co-founded Acron Medical, in Orlando, Florida, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the spineMED Group, one of the leading spinal organizations in Austria, also led and co-founded by Christian.

His great passion is to contribute to making the world a better place by providing hospitals with new spinal technologies, that not only heal patients suffering from debilitating spinal pathologies, but also help surgeons perform surgeries in the safest, fastest and most logical fashion. Christians international clinical experience is second to none. He brings to the organization over 27 years of Operating Room and R&D experience, working with companies of all sizes, building distribution networks in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

His contribution to the value of the company is highlighted by the creation of Acron Medical LLC in the United States and the launch of the Acron System.

Born and educated in Austria, Christian studied Medicine at the University of Vienna. Along with his passion for building spine companies, Christian is a Mozart fanatic who loves classical music, model railroads and world affairs.


Andreas Bernegger

CFO, Acron Medical, LLC

Andreas Bernegger co-founded Acron Medical, LLC and acts as the Chief Financial Officer, where he manages the company's finances and plays a key role in developing strategic partnerships and fund raising.

Andreas is also a co-founder and the CFO of the SpineMED Group in Austria, Acron Medical’s parent company. He is committed to creating a highly valuable organization, ensuring a balanced portfolio of growth initiatives, and maintaining the high level of integrity and transparency for which the spineMED Group is known.

Andreas also possesses a comprehensive clinical experience that made him a driving force behind the development of the Acron TLIF system. Indeed, he identified the unmet clinical need and acted with his partner Christian Schawrda to develop the Acron TLIF system.

In addition to controlling the finances of the company, Andreas also manages the company's supply chain, corporate communications, operations and HR.

Outside of work, Andreas stays busy spending time with his wife Veronika, snow skiing, sailing or enjoying classical music, a passion shared by the two founders. Born in Austria, he holds a BS in Accounting from the University of Vienna.

1800 Pembrook Drive, Suite 300
Orlando, Florida 32810, USA
Tel.: +1 (407) 755-2877

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