Acron PEEK TILF Interbody System

Design Rationale

The Acron PEEK Interbody system is the new gold standard for a safe & stable thoracolumbar interbody fusion.

The cage was developed to provide surgeons with multiple insertion options & to maximize the contact zone between the implant & vertebral body surface.

The result is an implant that restores disc space & height, producing an ideal primary stabilization and restoration of the physiological lordosis in the lumbar spine.

The Acron system can be used with a neuromonitoring system to avoid neural damage.


Key Benefits

Large Footprint

The large load bearing surface allows the implant to rest safely on the hardest bone (i.e. ring apophysis) increasing stability, anchorage with inferior & superior endplates, & reducing the risk of subsidence. Solution of choice for osteoporotic patients.

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